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August 8, 2022

Rick McPherson

Posted 09/23/23

Rapid City Freshman Impact Program is Scheduled for October 19th. Any Freshman Student parent wanting their student to attend please contact us for complete instructions. This program is open to the public and all Freshman Students, public, private or homeschool students..
Rick at : r.mcpherson@freshmanimpact.org
Karaleigh at: karaleightwocrow@gmail.com
Marco at: forensicsdude@protonmail.com



Posted 07/28/2023

Summer is here, Motorcycles are here, more coming, please drive carful.


Belated Spring cleaning of the units. Getting geared up for our awesome fall programs.

Posted 07/06/2023

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July. Now that its over, time for C.O.R.E. Time for C.O.R.E. to get to work again. Tonight is our board meeting and we will be interviewing our top two candidates for the Program Director / Managers position.

Below are listed the 20203 fall Freshman Impact programs. WOW! looks like we might be busy with 8 programs!

We have the following programs going on these 2023 Fall Dates & Locations. We are always looking for volunteers who want to make a difference in their community, youth included.

Timber Lake SD:
September 14th, 2023

Gettysburg SD
September 18, 2023

Alexandria SD,
September 20th, 2023

Parkston SD
September 25, 2023

Alexandria SD,
September 20th, 2023

Douglas: High School
Box Elder SD October 4th, 2023

Rapid City:
SDNG Armory October 19,2023

St. Francis Indian School:




Posted 06/13/2023

On Saturday June 10th 2023 we Certified 14 new Local Coordinators after a grueling 2.5 days of training. We look forward to their new and existing programs.

A new Freshman Impact  Program for Rosebud Indian Reservation will be at Saint Francis Indian school this fall, date to be yet determined. The new coordinators are: Becky Eddie-Moosman, Baily Denoyer, Laura Brushbreaker.

Standing Rock Reservation and Cheyenne River Reservation will be getting a new Freshman Impact Program this fall.  There is a community meeting on June 20th 2023 6 PM, a program date should be determined at that time. The new local coordinators for this program are: Shanna Martin, kyle Nilson, Shad Bellinger.

A new Freshman Impact program is planned ta Parkston with a current Local Coordinator, Matt Van Der linden and a new Local Coordinator; Ashley Love’

1 New Local Coordinator was added to the existing program at Spearfish his name is: Austin Drapeaux

1 New Local Coordinator was added to our Douglas program, his name is: Abram Wheeler.

1 New Local Coordinator was added to Lakota Tech and Martin his name is: Cody Bettelyoun.

2 New Local Coordinators were added to the Alexandria Program, they are: Christy Larson and Diane Shelton.

1 New Local Coordinator was added to the Rapid City Program and he will also help at Spearfish program, his name is Martin (Marco) Kocanda.

A total of 13 new Local Coordinators were added to our growing program. We wish the the best of luck in their programs, and we want to be there helping them achieve the best programs.

Posted: 05/15/2023

We are still looking for a Project / Manager. (See Notice in Red)

Fall programs will be posted shortly.

Interested in volunteering email: core.freshmanimpact@yahoo.com


Posted 2/25/23  

Virtual Interactive Driving simulator…. We have it now! We are the second in the state to have the privilege of having this full cage virtual interactive driving simulator.IMG_1502

The numbers don’t lie – studies have shown that simulation training is proven to produce safer drivers.

66% Lower crash risk

Up to 5 days reduction in training time

66% Reduction in critical errors

We will be scheduling interactive virtual driving experiences with parent approval in the next few weeks. This is an awesome driving learning experience for the beginning driver or to sharpen your skills at driving, or take a distracted driving course as well.

Stayed tuned for when this will start.

Posted 01/02/2023

Wishing Everyone a successful 2023 year.

Posted November 28th, 2022

            Spring 2023 Program Dates:

  1. April 13th 2023 —— Lakota Tech
  2. April 17th, 2023 —— Justice Center (Pine Ridge)
  3. April 19th, 2023 —— Crazy Horse Memorial Date changed
  4. April 24th, 2023 —— Spearfish High School
  5. April 26th, 2023 —— Martin South Dakota / Kyle High School 9Wounded Knee) will be invited
  6. May 3rd,2023 ——— Faith Program
  7. May 5th —————- Presho Program (Replaces Murdo Program) postponed to Fall, Date: TBD
  8. St Francis Indian School ——— TBD Could be Fall
  9. Parkston SD ————————TBD Could be Fall


November 09, 2022 11:14am

                              Job Announcement

                                                                        Project Director (Full Time)
                                                                                   Project Director
                                               Salary Contingent upon experience and Qualification
                                                                                $42,500 to $45,500

C.O.R.E. Community Organized Resources for Educating youth is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization dealing with risk-taking behaviors of teenage students. C.O.R.E. was founded in 2005 and presented in 2006 at School in Wall South Dakota. Yes, we are proud that it is homegrown here in the great state of South Dakota. C.O.R.E. will be expanding throughout the state of South Dakota by 2025. We focus on risk taking behaviors in teens, on SD Highways, schools & homes. Because of this expected growth and additional funding C.O.R.E. is seeking to hire a highly motivated, enthusiastic, project director with some experience. This Project Director must be able to think outside the box, be able to communicate with adults and students, share C.O.R.E.’s vision and mission passionately with the team. Travel is expected in this position.

Rick McPherson
Executive Director
C.O.R.E.  Community Organized Resources in Educating youth
22732 Rando Court
Box Elder SD, 57719

November 01/2022 3:14pm
If you have:

Program management experience

Non Profit experience 

Good leadership skills

Great organizational skill

Fundraising experience 

A positive attitude 

Like to work with teens

Good working knowledge of social platforms

Enjoy meeting new faces & going places

Believe in prevention education 

Good Character 

Then we need you!
email us your resume at: core.freshmanimpact@yahoo.com

October 24/2022 11:05
Well we finished our 2022 programs on Friday. It was a great year!

C.O.R.E., along with many others are facing a man power shortage, so this year was a very challenging year, but we still managed to add 1 new program.  We have appreciated all those that have stepped up to the plate and helped make this such a good year.

We look forward to our 2023 programs. Stayed tuned for our Spring dates coming soon.

October 03/2022 5:52

Thank You West River Electric for your support
Freshman Impact received a $1000.00 from Operation Round Up.

October 03/2022 2:46

Finally a local resident wins!!! Doug Curry stands beside  his new KRF 800 he won at our 2022 Family Fund Day annual Sid X Side Raffle.

Thanks to Black Hills Power Sports for all their support and awesome staff.

James Carter and his team for their support.

Thanks to our Community members and departments / businesses / EAFB that came out to help and support.

September 19, 2022

We are looking for a full time Program Director. Interested? Send us an email with your resume at r.mcpherson@freshmanimpact.org or


we are also looking for Part Time Office Assistant. Must have working knowledge of Social Media Platforms and be very organized.


September 19/2022 1:42 pm

Well it does look like our Web Site is up and going again, We certainly apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused those who attempted to get Raffle tickets and could not.

We did have a Local Box Elder individual win the Side X Side, It was: Doug Curry.

We want to thank everyone for your support for our Family Fun Day. Especially to all the departments and entities that came out to the event. THANK YOU! It was a great Day.


August 15, 2022   15:54

WE ARE HIRING!Contact:  r.mcpherson@freshmanimpact.org 
Part timeOffice Assistant, varied hours. Pay based on experience. Some travel may be required. 

August 12,2022      10:14 

August 12, 2022

WE ARE HIRING!Contact:  r.mcpherson@freshmanimpact.org 
We are looking for an awesome individual who is very much team oriented and deeply concerned about the many safety concerns that our youth face and the decisions they are making.
 Full timeAssistant director with non-profit experience.  ​
This individual will work with current ED and train over a period of 2 to 5 years (Pending experience) for the Executive Director position.
Part timeOffice Assistant, varied hours. Pay based on experience. Some travel may be required. 

August 12/2022
WOW! It looks like we are back up and running on this web site. There were some technical issues that need to be worked through, I apologize for this. Hope we don’t have any more. We will start posting again


WE ARE HIRING!Contact:  r.mcpherson@freshmanimpact.org 
We are looking for an awesome individual who is very much team oriented and deeply concerned about the many safety concerns that our youth face and the decisions they are making.
 Full timeAssistant director with non-profit experience.  ​
This individual will work with current ED and train over a period of 2 to 5 years (Pending experience) for the Executive Director position.
Part timeOffice Assistant, varied hours. Pay based on experience. Some travel may be required. 

2022 Spring Programs

Gettysburg – Waiting to hear from school administration on date. Stay tuned for 2022
Armour – Canceled Due to staffing issues
Crazy Horse Memorial April 20, 2022
Spearfish – Monday April 25,2022
Martin – Thursday April 28, 2022
Faith – Monday May 2, 2022
Murdo – Wednesday May 4, ​2022
Local Coordinators needed for the following locations:
Murdo ————- 2  Filled  Local Coordinator training scheduled for Thursday 
Ft. Pierre ———- 3   
  June 9, through the 11th. Applications must be
Gettysburg ——-  2   Filled out and returned to C.O.R.E. by Wednesday
Rapid City ——–  3  June 1, 2022 to allow forreview, acceptance & supply
Martin ————  2  Filled    orders. Further info: R.mcpherson@freshmanimpact.org
Douglas —- ——  2  Filled 
 Our Local Coordinators are our gateway to communities. They are volunteers
from all walks of life who care about the youth in their community and are good reliable, honest, who are driven by goals, a word of thanks….sometimes. Individuals who are making a difference in the community and youth in which they live. THANK YOU TO OUR LOCAL COORDINATORS! YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN! 
 We will be following each hosting school as they take the lead in this COVID-19 Coronavirus situation.  If the district cancels school there will be no program.  If they cancel all activities, that would mean our program as well.
At this time all Spring Programs are being planned.  S
tay tuned to developments as they occur.  We will let you know if their are any changes in plans..
Learn More

Notice: 4-4-23, We have a Job Opening for a Project Director – Click Here for More Info

Our Mission:  Working to save teen lives through interactive preventative education.
​Our video shows what this program is all about. It starts with a party scene with teenagers having fun. The story changes drastically as some of them make some very poor choices. There is an accident, some very vivid injuries, a death, funeral, and a mock court room. Sadly, this is based on real stories.

Our Philosophy:  Freshman Impact: Caught in the Moment is a powerful one-day prevention program for young teenage students. The students see up close and learn through hands-on activities the possible consequences of wrong choices and the lasting effects physically and emotionally on their bodies, their families and friends, and their community. The program promotes communication and developing rapport between the youth and law enforcement / fire / rescue personnel.

The program brings together local, county, state and federal resources to educate students, parents and school staff on destructive teenage issues and the consequences. Law enforcement/fire/rescue departments can use the program as inter-depart mental training for their personnel in emergency response skills, working as a team with other area departments, and promoting community relations.

As a team, everyone works together to promote young teenagers making safe choices and preventing destructive behaviors. It is important to give our young teenagers the tools to develop life-long skills and values to make the best choices.